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What is import.meta in JavaScript?`

The import.meta object is a meta-property exposing context-specific meta data to a JavaScript Module. It contains information about the module, like the module's URL.

Syntax: import.meta

The import.meta object consists of the keyword import, a dot, and a property name meta. Normally import serves as the context for property access, but here import is not an object.

The import.meta object is created by the ECMAScript implementation, with a null prototype. The object is extensible, and its properties are writable, configurable and enumerable.


Given a module name module.js

<script type="module" src="module.js"></script>

you can access meta information about the module using the import.meta object.

console.log(import.meta); // {url: 

It returns an object with a URL property indicating the base URL of the module. This will; either be the URL from which the script was obtained for external scripts or the document base URL of the containing document for inline scripts.

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